Clinic Maria provides a complete range of services for the diagnosis and treatment of gynecological diseases: preventive examinations and comprehensive examination programs, diagnostic procedures (including office hysteroscopy – minimally invasive, low-traumatic, modern examination method for the detection of endometrial pathologies in outpatient examinations), CH cancer screening, surgical removal of neoplasms outpatient and in-patient, pregnancy planning, conservative treatment of diseases, selection of contraceptives, held small and major gynecological surgery (including emergency surgery), plastic surgery (aesthetic gynecology) hospital performed surgery and organ applied technology Fast-track surgery.

    • Treatment of sexually transmitted diseases.
    • Diagnosis and treatment of cervical pathology (erosion, dysplasia, papillomavirus infections, cervical excision)
    • Selection of the method of contraception
    • Gynecological examinations
    • Treatment of polycystic ovary (conservative, operative)
    • Treatment of endometriosis (conservative, operative)
    • Treatment of benign ovarian tumors, functional cysts (conservative, surgical)
    • Installation and removal of the spiral.
    • Uterine fibromyoma (conservative, surgical treatment)
  • Treatment of disorders of the menstrual cycle of different etiology.
  • Endocrine gynecology
  • Menopausal disorders (early ovarian failure, pathological menopause, treatment based on examination data)
  • Endometrial aspiration biopsy, endometrial tube biopsy.
  • Treatment of bartholin gland cysts